Why Yes…I’m Still Alive

It’s funny that I still keep this blog because it’s obvious I’m the worst blogger ever. I mean I love posting photos to share (I like sharing things I enjoy with complete strangers), but most of the time I’m barely keeping my head above water since I am drowning with these oh-so-fun adult responsibilities. Now if you want fluff, don’t read my blog. There’s some fluffiness going on here and there, but I am a Jersey girl at heart (that should speak for itself). 

In case anyone actually reads is, what have I been doing? Well besides molding young minds during the day, I now have a nine and six-year-old. They are mostly pretty awesome, mostly because well, they are children and have the tendency to throw the occasional tantrum (or sometimes more then occasional). What I have realized is that I have very little time to do anything besides work, take care of children, and exercise. Which leads to the conclusion that I have very few close friends because either they think I am too busy, I am too busy, they are too busy, they pretend they are too busy, they are too busy for me, or I might just suck. Most likely it is probably a little bit of all of the above. 

Nonetheless I spend my time mostly grading papers, planning lessons, making lunches for my kids and doing all that mom stuff, and sometimes the occasional knitting and sewing. I even find the rear moment to squeeze in that thing we call reading. I would say life is not grand but it just is. Pretty much the same old thing everybody else does. I’m nothing special over here but I enjoyed meeting pretty things so I just would like to share them with you (the complete stranger). 

In this past year I have had both of my grandmothers pass away, with one at the age of 92. It still makes me sad when I think about them especially my father’s mother because we were so close. However she lived a great life and things move on. In any event, I think this blog isn’t just about me trying to share the things I may go of my life but hopefully anyone who reads this knows that life is not perfect nor do I plan on depicting it as such (which many blogs do, as well as Facebook posts). I enjoy honesty whether it be polite or crude, but it is reality. 

That’s pretty much it. There’s nothing really special, or even that interesting about me or my life, but hey why not? Why not keep on with the blog even if I only write once a year? Perhaps some random strangerreads this and says, “Hey, I feel the same way,” and then perhaps the person won’t feel so alone. What I notice is how many Facebook posts or blogs out there about people talking how they feel so sad and so alone yet they have 400+ “friends” on Facebook. Besides the fact that there is a lot of research out now saying how much the Internet and use of social media is changing the way that our brains are being wired. For me I worry about that and what our society will become from my children one day, well even for me. It’s like almost as if people forgot how to connect to one another. I hear a lot of parents complain the kids are being bullied or excluded yet they do the same thing themselves to other adults. It would be good to think that we could change that somehow by modeling our actions better for our children. So long story short, we have reverted back to the 1950s or everybody was pretty and perfect yet miserable on the inside however, we are pretty and perfect on the Internet.

In conclusion, for this post at least, why don’t you go make a real phone call? Actually talk to someone on the phone instead of texting them or emailing them, or even posting a comment via Facebook or Instagram. In the meantime here are all the pretty things that I like to make.



Social Media for Artsy People

I enjoy things that are aesthetically pleasing. Facebook is not one of those things. It’s great to keep up with friends, but I definitely don’t consider it ‘artsy’ at all. Then there’s Instagram, which at first I felt was ‘artsy,’ until it became overridden with a million and one selfies. Hey I know I like to post the occasional selfie, but come on people…some of you are out of control with your vanity.

So now there’s Ello…ad-free social media…hopefully for a while right? I like how it’s so simple and mostly photographs and art, well at least right now it is. Well here you go…my first fully public social media profile (ok I do have a twitter that I NEVER use…so I don’t count that).


Happy Holidays!

I can’t believe how quickly the holidays came this year! I know I have been terrible with keeping up this blog. Anyway, I have made myself a promise to NOT do any school work for at LEAST the next two days! Instead, I will be resuming some unfinished projects and starting some new ones! First I need to finish Moo’s quilt, whichI’m pretty sure I started almost a year ago! I really wanted to hand embroider her name, and well, it’s taking me soooo long to get that part done! I am not one for hand stitching…but here’s a peek. 20131224-133609.jpg
Next I need to make Moo her birthday dress! She is going to turn 8 on January 7th. I gave been making her a dress every year for the last 3-4 years, and honestly I was hoping to get away with not making one this year…until I read this letter she wrote to Santa (I believe) how “my mom sews me a dress for my birthday every year!” Guess I can’t begin to be lazy! We went to Bolt and picked out some fabric for this Figgy dress pattern. Well I have to have it done in 2 weeks…so stay tuned!

20131224-134052.jpgAs for knitting, I finished this adorable hat for myself a little while back. I bought it as a little knitting kit from Happy Knits. It was great since it came with the exact amount of yarn needed, thus not needing to buy full skeins. The colors they had picked were gorgeous and I absolutely love Malabrigo (well who doesn’t right?).

20131224-134650.jpg I am also working on a shawl for my mother (photos soon to come). The last two projects I wanted to begin are a shawl for myself and a dress for Moo (I only make clothes for her since Bubbers refuses to wear things I make for him). The shawl pattern I also bought from Happy Knits, but need to buy the yarn for it. It has this beautiful scalloped pattern…just like the ocean! I also love the use of gradient colors for the yarn.

20131224-135048.jpg Finally, I will attempt to begin making Moo this amazing cable knit dress from the book Lovely Knits for Little Girls. It is my favorite knitting book for girls’ clothing. The dress is definitely not easy, but I know will be worth the effort…even if it takes me a year to finish! Good thing Moo is tiny!

20131224-135338.jpg Well, hopefully I will have at least 1-2 projects done before I get thrown back into the world of 6th grade teaching!